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Let’s just begin by telling you what a CPN, or credit privacy number is in full, it is a fairly controversial 9-digit number, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Some people claim that no number should replace the SSN number. However, this number can take the place of a social security number when applying for credit to help uphold the privacy of your credit information. A CPN number can also go by the name secondary credit number (SCN) or credit profile number.

Why You Need a CPN

There are a couple of benefits to using a CPN. For instance, when using your social security number (SSN), someone might get their hands on it and use it to your detriment since they can have access to your financial information. That is not going to happen when using a CPN, and this would reduce the chances of this number being used fraudulently against you by certain individuals.

Additionally, since a SSN can make it easier for people to track your purchases, use various medical services, and find out your residence, they might not be so appealing to people who need to lead quiet lives; especially celebrities. So, a CPN number can also be used in place of a SSN as a way to protect it from fraudsters.

A CPN number can also help you get credit when your credit history is not so good. In fact, these numbers are recommended for people who need to repair their credit profiles. However, to achieve this, you have to get the number legally to avoid being a scam victim. That’s where we come in!

CPN Number in “2 Easy Steps” with our help. Application Process is simplified.

1. Choose the Right Company

The first step towards getting a CPN is to find a company that sells these numbers and does so legitimately. At the moment, there are a lot of entities that can give you this number, and you have to make sure you are working with a genuine company to avoid getting into trouble with the law when it later turns out that you are using a fake CPN.

Getting a number that gets you in trouble is something you should avoid as you could even end up in jail. A good way to get a good company is to seek an entity that has been doing this for quite some time. When you choose to use experienced companies, there is a greater likelihood that you will end up picking a company that will give you a legitimate CPN number that you can use without any issues.

A good company should issue you with a CPN number that is completely safe. There are companies that will hide behind sleek websites while offering scam CPN numbers that will get you into problems and deny you a chance to enjoy the benefits that this number should offer you.

That said, you should not use the number improperly either, as that might cause some issues that have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the number you got in the first place. This number should be used strictly for credit reporting, and it cannot be used for government services such as filing taxes, requesting for government funding, military, or even child support services. In such cases, you still have to use your social security number.

When applying for a CPN number, there is certain information you should provide to the company issuing you with the number. This is just basic information that should be easy to provide when necessary.

This information includes your name, an address, a phone number, your date of birth, and also your email address. As you provide your address and your phone, make sure you do not offer details that are linked to any credit on file.


2. Pay for the Number

Also understand that you have to pay to get this number. However, the price should not be a deterrent since these numbers are very affordable. In general, a CPN should cost you less than $30. But all things considered, the cost of this number should not keep you from getting one, since the issues it helps resolve are worth much more.


Additionally, the process of getting this number is pretty easy. A reliable company should make the process very smooth for you. So, without many delays, you should have your CPN number and use it in place of your SSN to safeguard your privacy. In fact, in up to a week, you should have your number with you after you have successfully made your application.